Deschambault MX National | Photo Report

August 8, 2017

Photos by James Lissimore

It wouldnt be the Canadian Nationals without at least one mudder. The Rockstar Energy Drink Canadian MX National set down in Deschambault for round 9 and it proved to be a struggle for both man/woman and machine. Torrential downpour on Saturday and part of Sunday left the promoters of the Deschambault track scrambling to have a functional track for this past weekends races. The Womens national was forced to delay their second moto until later in the day and the mens national on Sunday saw shortened motos. Fortunately for everyone the base of the Deschambault track is sand so it was a bit more forgiving than other tracks and by the second motos on Sunday the track was in descent shape. Lets take a look at some of the action from the weekend.

Well she mentioned she does like mud races so Kennedy Lutz was in her element at Deschambault.

Keeping it on two wheels was the challenge of the day. Lutz would take 2nd in the first moto.

Chicoutimi native Sarah Kim Villeneuve would go 6-5 for a solid 4th place.

Ontario rider Kelcey Jones pulled off a 10-16 for 14th overall.

Off like a shot, Kennedy Lutz takes the holeshot in moto 2.

Proud XM101 team manager, Kevin Tyler shares a few moments with Kennedy Lutz on the podium.

Taking the overall for round 3. Lutz ready to take things to the final round next weekend in Barrie, ON.

Champagne celebration on the Deschambault stage for the Womens National.

Kennedy Lutz reigning #1 and red plate holder.

Speaking to the Deschambault fans.

Kennedy and her #1 supporter, dad Kenny Lutz.

Cade Clason hashing it out with the Deschambault track.

Clason takes a 12-7 for 8th overall.

Clason soldiered through and had himself a pretty good day.

Mother natures sick little joke didnt make gate prep an easy task.

Davey Fraser ran into some trouble when his bike quit on the last lap. Like a champ he pushed it across the line to keep himself in the points chase.

Fraser continues to impress with a 16-5 for a 7th overall.

Fraser and Halstead wonder how things are going to shape up here in the bog.

Good thing for Hayden Halstead that he is a mud rider.

With his race bike giving up the ghost just as qualifiers started, Halstead was forced to race with his practice bike on Sunday.

With his career best finish here at Deschambault, Hayden Halstead pulls a 7-7 for 5th overall.

Thats right Jess, keep it on 2 wheels.

Pettis cracks out his Cold Cross vest for Sunday morning qualifiers.

Always good to consult the boss man on your moves.

Pettis and Maffenbeier rockin the new Clutch Retro collection.

Where do I even start?

Oh, this is where you want me to start? Pettis might need his set of pontoons.

Getting stuck in a rut in moto 1 wasnt really what Jess had planned today.

Regrouping after a 30th place finish in moto 1, Pettis was on a mission.

Charging hard in moto 2, Pettis fell back into his groove and finished an impressive 3rd.

A very hard earned spot on the podium for moto 2.

Nothing a fresh jersey and a clean pair of goggles wont fix.

Heading into the final round, Jess Pettis holds a 7th spot in the points.

Jess enjoys his moment on the podium with the French-Canadian fans.

Black plate, white plate. You decide. Ryan Lalonde double classes again at Deschambault.

Lalonde would go 24th in MX1 and 18th in MX2.

Ryan Millar would go 21-20 for 20th overall.

Ryan Lalonde #24 and Ryan Millar do their best to prep their gates.

Maffenbeier keeping cozy at the MX101 camp in his Race Div wear.

Maff gets in race mode in staging.

Tut tut, it looks like rain.

All business in moto 1. Maffenbeier rides smart and finishes a solid 3rd place.

Moto 1 was all about survival mode and Maffenbeier kept things in check.

Maffenbeier on the hunt.

Taking to the podium after his 3rd in moto 1. Maffenbeier was pleased with his hard fought battle with the unforgiving track.

Moto 2 however saw Maffenbeier sidelined with mechanical issues again forcing him to DNF.

A great ride for local pro William Crete who went 11-13 for 12th overall. See you guys in Barrie!