Riverglade MX National | Photo Report

August 1, 2017

Photos by James Lissimore

Riverglade is the last stop for the east coast before the series starts winding its way back to Quebec. This is a track that is favoured by many riders and it always has a good turnout on the spectating side. After sealing the points lead in Pleasant Valley, Shawn Maffenbeier continues to dominate and close behind him is his team mate Jess Pettis who came out of the gate wide open after his shoulder injury. Lets take a look at some of the action from round eight in Moncton, NB.

Another guy who has been on the injured list is Cade Clason. Hes not 100% yet with his shoulder but he powered through at Riverglade to keep up his points.

Cade looking super stylie and super fast in his new 2018 Mission kit.

Clason would finish 10-7 for 7th overall at Riverglade.

Davey Fraser looking right at home on the Riverglade track.

Fraser continues to show solid results every weekend and currently sits 8th in the series points.

Davey Fraser took 9-6 for an impressive 6th overall.

Keeping it pinned.

East coast rider Devin Sleigh would go 21-22 for 21st overall.

Hayden Halstead cracked out his new 2018 blue Mission kit for Riverglade.

Another solid weekend for Halstead who pulled off a 10-8 for an impressive 8th overall.

How about that 2018 Clutch MX Prime kit?

Cruising out for his moto. Pettis seems more cool and collected than he has ever been.

Pettis and Maffenbeier on gate prep check out the lay of the track.

Starts are key.

Taking time for a little leg swag. Pettis has his confidence level back and hes a force to be reckoned with.

Style for miles Jess.

Pettis and Maffenbeier with their matching 2018 Revo kits at the line.

Railing x2.

This was the view riders had of Maff and Pettis at Riverglade.

Charging hard with Pettis.

Getting sideways at Riverglade.

What a great weekend for Pettis who managed a solid 2-2 for 2nd overall.

Pettis comes into the weekend 7th in series points.

Jess Pettis celebrates on the podium with his 2nd place finish.

We know Mike Fowler laid down quite a few laps at Riverglade prior to race day and he was pumped to race here.

Fowler had a solid day with 13-12 for 12th overall.

Ironman Ryan Lalonde does it again. Double classing with 18th in MX1 and 19th in MX2.

Halstead and Lalonde prep their gates.

Ryan Millar, Cade Clason and Mike Folwer getting things ready on the line.

Ryan Millar would go a solid 14-13 for 13th overall.

Shawn Maffenbeier rockin his 2018 Clutch MX Prime kit.

A red plate special off the start.

Making it stick. Maffenbeier pulls out a hot lap.

All this will be yours boys.

Maffenbeier hard charging at The Glade.

Coming into the weekend Maffenbeier holds the points lead by 46 points over Surratt.

Fist pump for the fans from Maffenbeier over the finish line.

Pre-podium huddle with the MX101 crew.

The man, the machine. Maffenbeier would qualify for both man and machine.

Buddy huddle after moto 2 for Maffenbeier and Pettis going 1-2.

Sweeping the MX2 class. Shawn Maffenbeier is the reigning red plate guy again heading to Deschambault.

Victory shower compliments of Pettis and Maffenbeier.

Your Riverglade MX2 podium. See you in Quebec guys!