RJs MX National | Photo Report

August 21, 2017

Photos by James Lissimore

Well the 2017 season came and went so fast and nothing beats wrapping up a series with 3 championships! Yes, we are pleased to say that FXR had 3 athletes take home titles. In the west, Shelby Turner was a dominant force in the Womens National series and she took the #1w championship. Following suit with her western counterpart, Kennedy Lutz came and conquered the east Womens National series with #1E. Topping it all off was MX101/FXR/Yamaha team member Shawn Maffenbeier taking home the MX2 title for the year. Congratulations to all of you for a hard fought season. We had a number of other notable athletes who also gave it their all this year. Lets take a look at how the final round at Barrie, ON went down.

Travelling all the way from Saskatchewan to compete at the Canadian East Womens National, Kennedy Lutz was on a mission to take the #1 plate.

Dominique Brule would go 9-15 for 12th OA.

No stranger to the East Womens National series, Krista Casselman went 19-17 for 18th OA.

Chelsey Hennig #12 would go 21-20 for 21st OA.

Kelcey Jones put in a solid ride at RJs and went 5-9 for 7th OA.

Kennedy Lutz would take the win in moto 1.

Chelsey Hennig rockin the pink.

Acton, ON native Mia Barrett would go 23-22 for 22nd OA.

Kelcey Jones on the gas.

Dominique Brule battles through the pack.

Quebec native Maggie Genest would go 14-13 for a solid 14th OA.

Chelsey Hennig navigates her way through the track.

Catching a little air with Maggie Genest.

Taking second place in moto 2, Kennedy Lutz had the points lead nailed down.

Mia Barrett rockin her Revo kit at RJs.

The sweet feeling of victory celebrated with your crew.

Pete with the final, and most important adjustment to Kennedys bike.

Taking home the holeshot bucks!

Bringing home the #1.

Your Canadian Womens East National podium.

Kennedy takes a moment to talk to the crowd about her season.

Victory shower.

Solid crew right there. Big congrats from all of us at FXR to your hard earned #1 Kennedy!

Honorary Canadian, Cade Clason had the best ride this summer at Barrie.

In moto 1 Cade would take his standard 7th place.

Clason had the opportunity to wear some of the new Revo 2018 gear in moto 2.

Cade found his speed and took the holeshot in moto 2 and finished 6th which gave him a 5th overall. This would give Cade 9th in the overall season standings.

Certainly not the way Davey Fraser had planned to end his series, he collided with Hayden Halstead in the first moto and that put him out with a concussion and possible broken bone in his wrist.

Fraser was certainly a treat to watch this season and he rounded out the series 10th in final points. Heal up soon Davey!

The guy with another outstanding season was Hayden Halstead.

We saw MX101 squad member line up to double class at the final round for the second year in a row.

Halstead opted out of the final MX1 moto and rounded out his season 9th in points.

Its always was great to see more of those yellow plates line up. BC native Joey Parkes #477 would go 28-25 at Barrie for 29th OA.

Jess Pettis hangs out a bit old whip in practice for the crowd.

Jess on the gas in timed practice.

Business in the front…

…and keeping it business as usual under the MX101 tent was key for the day.

Pettis charged hard in moto 1 to keep Maffenbeier honest.

Just so happy to be back where he knows he should be, Pettis pulls off a solid 2nd place in moto 1.

Pettis waiting for his time on the podium.

Time to shine. Jess soaks in the glory with his second place finish in moto 1.

Pettis would go on to finish 4th in moto 2 to give him 4th OA and round out the season 5th in points.

Weve all been waiting patiently to see the return of the Beast from the East, Kyle Keast.

Keast lined up at RJs national after finishing out a successful week at Loretta Lynns Amateur National.

Keast finished the day with a 11-10 for 9th OA.

Keast also had the pleasure of sharing the track at Lorettas with this man, Mike Brown. Mike headed north and came to compete at RJs national and also pitted with Keasts AlphaMX crew.

Bike and wrench all courtesy of AlphaMX, Mike Brown was primed and ready to take on what the MX1 pack had to serve up here.

Mike also had the opportunity to show off some of the new FXR 2018 Moto Collection at RJs.

Brownie dished out more of what he gave out at Loretta Lynns.

With an 8-7, Mike rounded out his day with a 7th OA.

Brown was on the gas and Im pretty sure he had a good time.

Mike in the new 2018 Revo kit.

Mike Fowler coming in hot.

All smiles for our other honorary Canadian, Mike Fowler.

Fowler always gets 10 points for style. He chose to double class at RJs too and he leaves the MX1 series 15th in points.

Ryan Lalonde has been the double class guy for a few rounds. He would go 10-14 for 12th OA in MX2 and 25th-DNS for 31st OA at RJs.

Lalonde leaves the series 12th in points.

Manitoba native Ryan Millar would go 18-18 for 18th OA.

With fairly consistent results throughout the series, Millar will go home 14th in points.

Rockin a little Clutch Retro.

Laying low with Shawn Maffenbeier.

Tension running high in the MX101 camp with the championship at stake and points chase very tight. Shawn hung it out and rode flawless.

Much better gate prep conditions than the week previous.

Oh to only know whats rolling through his mind at this moment.

Keeping focused was the key for Shawn.

Taking the win in moto 1 only helped fuel Shawns fire for what was to come.

Maffenbeier rode smart and finished 3rd in moto 2 to give him the overall and the series championship.

Shawn and his mechanic Cale Foster share their moment of victory.

Shawn celebrates with his girlfriend at the podium.

And the dream becomes reality.

Shawns mom said this has been the moment he has been dreaming of since he was 12 years old.

Taking it to the main stage with an ear to ear smile.

The MX101 camp all celebrating the hard fought victory.

Shawn with his coveted #1 plate.

The entire MX101 crew in their custom #1 t-shirts there to share in Shawns big moment.

First glimpse of the #1 bike.

From all of us at FXR, congratulations Shawn. You so deserve this spot on the top!