Amateur Spotlight | Thomas Munro

September 14, 2017

Taking the focus back to our amateur ranks, this week we catch up with young Thomas Munro from Inwood, Ontario, Canada. Lets learn a little bit more about this fast up and coming rider.

Name: Thomas Munro
Age:  10
Instagram: munro_farmsracing
Hometown: Inwood, Ontario, Canada
Bike: KTM 65, KTM 85
Classes Racing: 65 7-9, 7-9 Ltd., 7-11
School Grade: 5

Jessica Ten Hagen photo

Hey Thomas thanks for catching up with us. How has your season been going so far?
Lots of fun had this season.  Traveled a lot, rode a lot of fun tracks, and made lots of new friends. Race highlights would be winning 7 out of 8 motos at Baja Acres Mid East qualifier, and then going on to win the Mid East Regional Championship at Chillitown in Ohio.  Racing at the Loretta Lynn National was amazing.

Thats right, you qualified and competed at Loretta Lynn’s. Tell us about your experience there.
Super fun to hang out with my buddy Sebastian Racine in the river.  Raced some of the fastest kids in the world and watched some incredible motos. Everyone was so fast! I was not happy with my results but I rode great for my first time being there and got faster as the week went on as I learned the track. I fractured my wrist in the last moto, but was able to tough it out and finish the race. Wow did it hurt!

Jessica Ten Hagen photo

Sorry to hear you got hurt down there. Looks like you healed up pretty fast because we noticed that you also recently competed at the Baja Brawl down in Michigan. How did that go for you?
I was just getting back on my bike and cleared to ride from my doctor a couple days before the Brawl, so it didnt leave much time to train or get ready. My starts were horrible all weekend long and I made a few mistakes.   Didnt get the results I was hoping for but my speed was there. I ended up 7th and 8th overall. I know I am on the right track to catching the top kids soon. The Brawl is so fun regardless.  Ronnie Mac being there this year made it extra fun!

What sort of off-season training do you do?
There is no off-season. I workout with Jay and Kyle Thompson at the Frankfit gym. They added yoga and cycling to the program this year. MXschools is just up the road from us so I ride regularly there until snow hits. My family traveled south this past winter with plans to do so again this year.  I trained at County Line with my coach Jay Thompson and the MXschools program.

Jessica Ten Hagen photo

If you had to choose what would be your favourite track?
I surprise my parents saying this, but Gopher Dunes big track is my new favourite.  The rougher the better.  I am starting to figure out the sand.  Freelin MX in Michigan was my favorite, but it was sold and closed this year.  Its supposed to re-open soon, and I cant wait!

Who would you say is your main competition? 
Myself. I have lots to work and build on. There is always friendly competition at The Pit with the MXschools crew. Evan Stewart, Zach Chauvin and I have great battles.  They are always pushing me to do my best.

Jessica Ten Hagen photo

Do you get time during the week to practice or train? What is your regular routine?
I spend all summer with the MXschools and Frankfit crew. We do a light workout first thing in the morning to warm up and then are on our bikes training with Jay Thompson from 9-3.  Then we finish the day off with another workout with Kyle Thompson. We have a lot of fun. Now that it is fall we ride on weekends and I get to miss the odd day of school and go ride.  Frankfit gym is just down the road so I will probably start back there again soon.

What other fun outdoor activities do you do?
I love racing my RC car, playing soccer with my friends and shooting hoops.  I recently tried golf.  Its a lot of fun.   Mostly I love riding my pitbike and trying to throw big fat whips.

Jessica Ten Hagen photo

Do you have an all-time favourite rider you look up to?
I look up to Cole Thompson.  He is so smooth.  I also look up to Tanner Ward, he is so determined.  Davi Milsaps is my fav from the states.  When he won the Monster Cup in Vegas it was the first race my parents let me stay up to watch so I always cheer for him.

What is your plan for the remaining season?
Looking forward to Sandstorm at Gopher. Hopefully get to Mini Os this year.  A top 3 finish there on the 65 would be sweet.  I am still continuing my training with MXschools.

Do you have any goals in mind for next year?
I plan to race the AMA amateur nationals. A top 10 finish at Lorettas on the 85, top 5 on 65 is the goal.  Also excited to race the new series Jetwerx has planned for 2018.

Jessica Ten Hagen photo

Would you like to list off your sponsors that have been helping you out?
YES, I have the best people to thank, a big thanks to Mintoncycle for building my a rocketship of a bike,  Google him, his  motors are scary fast!
Twentysix Suspension for helping keep my bikes dialed in.
My coach Jay Thompson at MXschools. He has taught me everything I know when it comes to dirtbikes.
Kyle Thompson at Frankfit Canada for pushing my fitness levels.
D&D Motoproducts keeps my bikes looking fresh from grips to graphics.
ArbonneMX for great recovery drinks and products.
My sister Hailey and my Mom and Dad for their support.
And Thank you FXR!!  It is so fun being part of your team. The gear is amazing and the clothes are so cool.

Thanks for catching up with us Thomas and all the best to you for the rest of the season.
Thank you for everything and this great opportunity.