Monster Energy Cup | Photo Report

October 18, 2017

Photos by Krystyn Slack

The Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas last weekend fell short for the top runners with a number of guys getting injured early on. This left little competition for the Red Bull KTM rider Marvin Musquin who ran away with all 3 motos and took home that big old cheque for one million dollars. For FXR, we had a few riders line up to qualify but without much luck. Our smallest FXR rider, Ben Kongmany however was part of the main event. Lets take a look at some photos from Vegas courtesy of Krystyn.

Heath Harrison #61 on his KTM for the upcoming season.

Heath mentioned something about not having proper SX suspension set up for this weekend.

New to the FXR team is California native, David Pulley.

Heath was wishing hed taken time to get his settings worked out for MEC.

David Pulley during practice.

Also new to the crew is #211 Tevin Tapia from California.

Getting things set on the line with Tevin.

Talking lines with Tapias wrench.

Brandon Scharer sports his new #73 number for MEC.

Putting in some fast laps with Tapia.

David Pulley was 20th in the Group A qualifier.

Young Ben Kongmany was the winner of the KTM JR Challenge at the Toronto Supercross back in March and that sealed the deal for him to come and compete at the MEC in Vegas.

Kongmany had a rough start but managed to pick his way through the pack as best he could in the 3 laps.

Ben would go on to take 4th place and what better way for a kid to spend his own 9th birthday than to get to compete at this level.

The future looks bright for young Kongmany. Watch for this kids name. Congrats Ben!

See you guys at supercross!