Updates from Europe

October 23, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad


Place: Zschopau, Germany
Date: 21-22 of October
Event: World Enduro Championship Final

The World Championship of Enduro is finally over. The last round was held in one of the the most famous enduro venues you will find in the world at Zschopau in Germany. Enduro here is huge and this was the home to German built bikes back in the old days. A whopping 6000 spectators were present for the superset on Friday night.
FXR was on the podium with Albin Elowson and a fifth place went to Mikael Persson. Unfortunately Mikael had to drop the last two rounds due to stomach problems. Looking back, Elowson didnt have the best of seasons. He crashed and injured himself in the first round in Finland, but he came back strong in the end and was second and third for the two last days in Germany. Next up for Albin is the biggest enduro race in the World Gotland Grand National in Sweden with 3200 riders participating.

Final standing Enduro World Junior Championship 2017

Some shots of Albin Elowson:



Heres a really cool video from Husqvarna Scandinavia rider Erik Ljungberg back home in Sweden doing some woods riding.