Updates from Europe

October 31, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad

Event: Gotland Grand National
Place: Gotland Sweden
Date: 28.10.17
Conditions: Cold and extremely wet
This weekend was the muddiest and wettest Gotland Grand National ever held. There was a total of 3200 riders that showed up to compete and it was an extremely tough race. There to represent FXR, Mike Brown and Albin Elowson were the favorites to win, but in conditions like this the riders needed some serious luck to take the win. Albin managed to come up close with just a slim 11 seconds dividing him from first place.
Some media coverage of the event here:

Albin before the start.

Mike Brown with the hole shot.

Brown muscling through the soupy, muddy course.

Mike Brown #8 off the start in the first corner.

The start of the elite class.

Before and after. This Gotland mud took its victims.