Updates from Europe

January 30, 2018

by Gjerumund Frostad

Place: Skövde, Sweden
Date: January 27, 2018
The Skövde event ended up having 540 riders compete in the race this past weekend. We can always count on our FXR athletes to do well. We had four of them place in the top ten. FXR participants in the Senior pro class included Albin Elowson, Oskar Ljungstrøm, Anton Sandsteth, Robert Friberg. In her typical fashion, Hanna Berzelius won the womans class. Here are some images from the weekend in Sweden.

Robert Friberg in the new FXR A.R.C. pants.

Robert Friberg

Oskar Ljungström

Albin Elowson Johansson MPE factory Yamaha

Albin Elowson

Albin Elowson

Albin Elowson

Anton Sandstedt Husqvarna Scandinavia

Anton Sandstedt

John Salomonsson Husqvarna Scandinavia

Hanna Berzelius Husqvarna Scandinavia

Anton Sandstedt

Podium time for Albin and Oskar.