Winter X Games Snow BikeCross | Photo Report

February 2, 2018

Photos by Allison Kennedy

The annual Winter X Games took place this past weekend in Aspen, Colorado and for the second year in a row we have the pleasure of watching Snow BikeCross as part of the program. Kind of weird how they removed Snocross and added Snow BikeCross but it’s nice to see some of our two-wheel athletes convert to the snow bike and line up to qualify. Last year’s gold medalist was Brock Hoyer and we knew going into this that the competition has stiffened up so we weren’t too sure where the cards would fall for Brock. It ended up being a great ride for the podium and Brock took the silver with another FXR athlete, well known in the snocross world, Kody Kamm taking the bronze. Our congratulations go out to Canadian Cody Matechuk for taking home the gold. Let’s take a look at the action from X Games 2018.

That’s Idaho native, #68 Dean Hunt.

Making his return to the X Games, Nolan Heppner #44.

The guy with his eye on the prize, Brock Hoyer was on the hunt for gold.

Hoyer is stylish as ever and a class act when he’s off the track too.

Dean Hunt digs deep during the week too. Dean is a miner by trade.

Hoyer got hung up a bit with lapper traffic that put him behind and was not able to catch Matechuk.

That’s #41 Austen Madison from Wisconsin.

Dean Hunt on the line.

Kody Kamm sporting his new Helium kit.

Waiting on the final with Kamm.


The track quickly got chewed up and became a challenge to navigate.

Ten points for style Brock!

Wonder how that roost would feel?

Kody Kamm on a mission to take that podium spot.

Having a snocross background can give you some advantages when it comes to cornering.

Austen Madison would take 14th to round out his X Games for 2018.

Choose wisely when you pick a line.

And that’s the checkers for Kamm, taking third place and the bronze.

Local boy #772, Mark Wilson would take 17th.

Hoyer pushing hard to try and close the gap.

Nolan Heppner would take 5th in the final.

Kody Kamm charging hard.

Hoyer celebrates with his crew after taking second place.

Kody Kamm with the solid goods. A well earned bronze to round out his 2018 Winter X Games.

Hoyer all smiles on the podium with his silver medal.

Your 2018 Snow BikeCross Winter X Games podium. (from left to right) Brock Hoyer (silver), Cody Matechuk (gold) and Kody Kamm (bronze.

The sweet taste of taking that silver. Big congrats Brock. See you guys next year!