Round 11 St. Louis Supercross | Photo Report

March 22, 2018

by Dawn McClintock

With only six rounds remaining in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series, things are getting down to the nitty gritty with the points chase. If ever there was a year for fantasy league supercross to be messed up it would be this year. Many of the top picks that you might have had are more than likely out with some form of injury. These unfortunate series of events have opened the door for some riders who have had opportunity knocking on that door. You see guys like Justin Brayton who took one for the history book at Daytona with new-found confidence pushing up front where he might have otherwise not been. Let’s take a look at some of our FXR athletes who lined up at St. Louis.

Another full house here in St. Louis. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Heading to the line with Ronnie Stewart.

Nicholas Jackson

David Pulley

AJ Catanzaro pulling off a 10th in the first heat. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Ronnie Stewart took 17th in Heat #1.

Right behind Stewart in the first heat was Brice Klippel who finished 18th. | BrownDog Wilson photo

And following right behind Brice was #181 Dustin Pipes who took 19th in Heat #1. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Carter Gordon #151 took 12th in the first 250 heat.

A guy showing he’s got what it takes to be in the main is Richard Jackson. He would take 13th in the first heat race. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Chaz Braden took 19th in the first 250 heat. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Kyle Cunningham getting the all-clear to head to the main. He took 8th in the second heat. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Tevin Tapia would take 16th in his heat race. | BrownDog Wilson photo


Henry Miller went 20th in his heat.


Taking the holeshot and setting the pace for most of his heat race. Kyle Peters was on the gas. | BrownDog Wilson photo

You know that had to sting. Osbourne puts the pass on Peters at the end of the heat race.

Every week Peters shows he’s the guy who deserves a spot on the podium. He was unfortunately unable to hold the lead in his heat and finished 2nd. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Matthew Weakley would take 15th in his heat. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Devon Sorenson would take 18th in Heat #2. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Chase Stevenson would take 20th in his heat. | BrownDog Wilson photo

AJ Catanzaro got the job done in the 450 LCQ and took 2nd place to put him in the main. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Ronnie Stewart would take 6th in the LCQ. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Tevin Tapia lined up for the LCQ. | BrownDog Wilson photo


Richard Jackson fell just short of making the main with a 5th in the LCQ.

Matthew Weakley took 7th in the LCQ.

Carter Gordon took 8th in the LCQ.


Wide open! Kyle Cunningham flying through and takes 13th in the main event.


AJ Catanzaro would take 20th in the main.


Last two weekends have been career best finishes for Kyle Peters. He took 4th this weekend so wonder where that puts Kyle next weekend? Keep up the hard work Kyle!