Round 12 Indianapolis Supercross | Photo Report

March 28, 2018

by Dawn McClintock

East versus west. (That sounded a bit like an ad for Car Warriors.) The 12th round at Lucas Oil Stadium marks the 250 East/West Showdown and as a fan, Im glad I chose to watch this round from the comfort of my living room. Crazy amounts of snow came down in the area leaving a solid cover of the white stuff all over the pits. Im sure our riders made good use of their cold cross jackets this round. With the 250 Showdown we saw plenty of fast guys get shaved off the list by combining both east and west. While there wasnt a huge number of west coast riders there to line up, it was enough to shift the balance. This round also marked the official launch of our brand new REVO Red/Black/White Limited edition gear. We had a few of the teams bust out the LE kit for the evening show. Heres a look at some of our riders who lined up for Indy.

Dustin Pipes gearing up for his moto.

Deven Sorenson taking things through their paces in timed qualifiers.

Bodie Wood pulling a hot lap in qualifiers.

Carter Gordon making his mark on the supercross series this year.

Mathew Weakley

David Pulley taking it to the evening show.

Mathew Weakley digging in hard for his timed qualifier.

Mathew Weakley

Deven Sorenson

Carter Gordon also takes his spot in the evening show after running hard in qualifiers.

Henry Miller looking slick in his new Revo LE kit.

Full send mode with Kyle Peters.

Brice Klippel rockin his Clutch Retro kit for Indy.

Henry Miller

Ronnie Stewart

AJ Catanzaro would take 12th in his heat.

Brice Klippel took 18th place in his heat race.

David Pulley took 18th in the West heat.

Kyle Cunningham picking a rut and taking 9th in his heat race.

Henry Miller would take 10th in his heat.

Dylan Walker charging hard during his timed qualifier.

Chaz Braden on a charge for qualifying.

Dustin Pipes would take 16th in his heat race.

Ronnie Stewart finished 19th in his heat.

Tevin Tapias night ended early with a nasty crash up the finish line jump. We wish you a speedy recovery Tevin!

Kyle Peters took 4th place in his heat race.

Carter Gordon taking the east heat with a 19th place.

Henry Miller navigating through the LCQ but comes up short with a 6th place finish.

Ronnie Stewart would take 16th in the LCQ.

Off the start for the 450 LCQ.

Brice Klippel would take 19th in the LCQ.

Rough night for Catanzaro catching a cross rut in the LCQ and not making the main.

Carter Gordon would fall just shy of making the main finishing 7th in the East/West LCQ.

David Pulley finished 14th in the LCQ.

Getting down to business in the main with Kyle Cunningham.

A well fought 12th place for Cunningham to round out his night at Indy.

Kyle Peters turning things up for the main event.

When push comes to shove…

Peters would finish with an impressive 8th place in the main.


Keep up the momentum Kyle!

See you guys in Seattle!