Round 2/3 Triple Crown AX, Calgary, AB | Photo Report

March 20, 2018

Photos by James Lissimore

The western portion of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Arenacross series wrapped up here in Calgary this past weekend with a double header that didnt disappoint. Heres a look at some of the FXR riders who lined up in Calgary including a southern import who seemed to really love being in Canada mixing it up in the pro class.

Ontario native and Team Holeshot rider, #17 Nolan Booker made the return to the west to take on the 65 (10-11) and 85 (9-11) classes.

Team Holeshot member also from Ontario, Tristan Dares #25 would finish 1/1 in the 85 (9-11) class and 1/4 in Supermini.

Nolan Booker would take 1/2 in the 65 (10-11) and 4/3 in 85 (9-11).

#10 Braxton Zeitner swept both nights taking the 50 Junior (4-6) win and he took 2nd in the 50 Open class on Saturday night.

Zeitner all smiles with his #1 plate on the podium. | Cory Zeitner photo

Speaking of sweeps. Shelby Turner laid down a clinic in Calgary.

Shelby Turner swept all 3 classes she signed up for. AX Lites Junior, AX Open Junior and Ladies classes were owned by Turner.

Alberta team Manluk Maniaks rider Justin Lastiwka took 7/8 in the AX Lites Junior class.

#111 Charles Charlton went 2/4 in 85 (12-16), 3 in Schoolboy and 7/6 in Supermini.

Marco Cannella sharing in the podium celebration at Calgary. He pulled off a 3rd place on Saturday night in the 250 Pro class.

Davey Fraser went 11/12 in the 450 Pro class.

A scary crash on Saturday night found Davey run over and unable to remember what had exactly happened. We are glad you are ok Davey!

Joey Parkes had some bad luck Friday night where he ended up with a flat tire in the 250 Pro main. He cruised around to finish 10th and on Saturday night he finished 7th.

Jared Petruska ready to take on Calgary.

#43 Jared Petruska went 6/6 in the 250 Pro class.

Some kind of Tennessee warm up ritual here in Calgary. Mike Brown flew up to join in the fun.

Mike Brown #68 lined up with Davey Fraser #20 on the gate for the 450 Pro main.

Brownie had plenty of fans gather to get their autographed poster and a photo with him. Watch for Mike to be back in Canada for more racing this summer.

Brown would take 6/5 in the 450 Pro class and 2nd in the Clash for Cash on Saturday night.

#66 Marco Cannella went 9/3 in 250 Pro and took 8th in the Clash for Cash.

Hang loose Marco.

Things are shaping up well for the newest addition to the MX101 squad.

Cannella gets his time in the spotlight with Gauld.

Cannella still needs to hone his champagne bottle popping skills.

Wyatt Waddell and Davey Fraser strike a pose.

Waddell ready to get this rodeo started.

Wyatt Waddell would take 5/10 in the 250 Pro class.

See you guys in Sarnia!