Round 13 Seattle Supercross | Photo Report

April 11, 2018

by Dawn McClintock

Well that was sure a mud fest! The Seattle supercross has always been notorious for being one of the most rutted out and weather effected tracks on the circuit. This years event lived up to its reputation and it became survival of the fittest for riders and what hardcore fans Seattle brings out for this too. Bikes were smoking and there wasnt really any lines to follow, some who were more aggressive chose to do jumps but for many, it was a game of roll and keep it on two wheels. Heres a look at the guys who slugged it out in Seattle. Hang tight because it looks like Minneapolis this weekend is going to be a snow storm.

The soggy Century Link Field in Seattle. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Snug and dry in the pro pits. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Rockwell Racing pit was well lit in Seattle.

Outside the stadium. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Current mood on Seattle track. | BrownDog Wilson photo

New recruit in the Rockwell crew, Brandan Leith took fastest time in qualifier.

Right behind Brandan for top qualifying times was Canadian, Jess Pettis.

Kyle Cunningham heads out of staging to tackle the Seattle mud.

Henry Miller had a great heat race and took 9th place to take him into the main. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Fresh kit for Brad Lionnet. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Eyeing up the track conditions under cover. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Ready to take things to the gate. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Cunningham took 11th in his heat race.

Smoking the competition in Seattle with Dustin Pipes. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Pipes would take 14th in his heat race. | BrownDog Wilson photo

AJ Catanzaro trying to find some traction. He took 14th in his heat race. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Henry Miller

This did not look like any fun. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Maybe start line grids werent a half bad idea after all.

Off the start for the 250s. | BrownDog Wilson photo

With top times in qualifiers, Jess Pettis was primed and ready for the evening show. He would take 17th in his heat. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Hankys out and keeping it on two wheels. Tallon LaFountaine had a great ride in Seattle and took 9th in his heat to take him straight into the main. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Slugging it out in some off-road events during his down time maybe was a good idea for LaFountaine. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Seattle marked LaFountaines first ever main event. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Getting the job done. Brandan Leith pulls off an impressive 9th place in his heat to take him to the main.

Brad Lionnet in need of a hose down after his heat race. He took 19th in heat one.

Dustin Pipes would take 10th in the LCQ to round out his evening. | BrownDog Wilson photo

AJ Catanzaro would take 6th in the LCQ.

Brandan Leith would take home a solid 14th in the final.

We saw a whole lot of this happening.

Jess Pettis would finish in 17th place.

Tallon LaFountaine would end up finishing 20th in the main event. | BrownDog Wilson photo

How to gain 20 lbs in 20 minutes.

All in a good days work.

A little bit of mud didnt stop Miller from charging hard. He would finish 18th in the main. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Getting swallowed up in ruts was around just about every corner in Seattle. | BrownDog Wilson photo

See you guys in Minneapolis! | BrownDog Wilson photo