Round 4 Triple Crown AX, Sarnia, ON | Photo Report

April 11, 2018

Photos by James Lissimore

We kick off the eastern portion of the Rockstar Triple Crown AX series in Sarnia, Ontario. Unlike the western rounds where the crowd turn out was decent, we saw a sold out arena in Sarnia for Round 4. Well done on the promotion for this event Jetwerx team! It probably helps that it is their home town but heres hoping this momentum continues for this coming weekend in Barrie.

The track itself was probably a tad more moist than they would have liked. The dirt was nothing like what we saw at Round 1 but it was still quite tacky and it got pretty rutted up. Heres a look at some of the FXR athletes who raced in Sarnia last weekend.

Team Holeshot member Nolan Booker took 2nd in 65 (10-11) and 3rd in 85 (9-11)

Ayrton Pomeroy claimed top spot in the 65 (10-11) class.

Christian Plasse took 3rd in 65 (10-11) and 4th in 85 (9-11).

Courtright, ON native Evan Miller took 3rd in the 50 SR (7-8) class.

Another Team Holeshot member, Tristan Dares swept both the 85 (9-11) and Supermini classes.

Welland, ON rider Jack Gabor took 3rd in both AX Open Junior and Schoolboy classes.

Ben Kongmany would take 2nd in both 65 (7-9) and 85 (9-11) classes.

Jacob Carney took 2nd in 50 SR (7-8) and 4th in 65 (7-9).

Team Barrett Racing rider, Dana Barrett would take 4th in the Ladies class.

Younger sister, Mia Barrett finished 7th in the Ladies class.

Carlson Racing team member Wyatt Waddell finished 11th in 250 Pro.

Waddell lines up next to Marco Cannella for the main event.

A tough Sarnia AX for Waddell taking quite a few soil samples over the course of the day.

Mike Fowler taking the holeshot in the 250 Pro class.

Fowler would take 4th in the 250 Pro.

Fowler also took 11th in the 450 Pro and 6th in the Class for Cash.

Marco Cannella gets into his zone on the line.

Taking the checkers. Marco Cannella took 7th in the Clash for Cash race.

Cannella rode smart in Sarnia and keeps improving his results every weekend.

Warm up for the main event.

Cannella picking his way through the pack.

Marco Cannella would work his way up and finish an impressive 2nd place in the 250 Pro main.

The Beast from the East, Kyle Keast joined the AX tour in Sarnia with his Alpha MX team.

Keast would finish 5th in the 450 Pro class.

Keast lined up with his Alpha MX team mate, #156 Cole Wilson.

Eric Schildt would take 7th in the 450 Pro class.

Port Franks, ON native Duncan MacLeod would take 10th in the 250 Pro class.

Davey Fraser managed to get ahead of the first corner carnage in the 450 Pro main.

Fraser lends a helping hand for team mate Wyatt Waddell as he heads to the line for the 250 Pro race.

Ready for the big show. Waddell and Fraser take in the opening ceremonies.

Fraser would take 9th place in 450 Pro.

Alpha MX team rider Cole Wilson would take 6th place in 450 Pro.

After an extended period off the bike from his ongoing struggle with his FIM suspension, Cade Clason makes his return to racing in Sarnia.

Ready to get back at it!

Clason will be on board the Sky Racing Honda team for the 2018 season.

Cade Clason took 4th in the 450 Pro class but with a protest in place for Tyler Medaglia, this could put Cade into 3rd place.

Welcome back Cade!

Pack another layer Cade. These SC boys arent used to these frigid Canadian spring temperatures.

Cade is back to form and ready to take on Barrie AX this coming weekend.

Your 250 Pro podium. Big congrats to Marco Cannella for his 2nd place finish. See you guys in Barrie!