Round 5/6 Triple Crown AX, Barrie, ON | Photo Report

April 16, 2018

By Dawn McClintock

Photos by James Lissimore

We wind down the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown AX Tour in Barrie, Ontario. This past weekend we took in the final 2 rounds on Friday/Saturday. The weather outside was really not ideal with snow and freezing rain coming down by the bucket load. It was not fit for man nor beast outside but that didnt seem to stop the action inside. I was pleasantly surprised at rider and fan turn out.

Round 5 brought us the return of Jess Pettis. He had been injured and after he was given the green light to get back on the bike, he managed to wedge in a little supercross racing before he headed north for the AX Tour in Barrie.

The dirt at the Molson Centre was also a bit of a downer. It was wet and rutted up pretty quickly. This made for plenty of pauses in the program for track maintenance but he track crew was on it quickly and got things patched up and ready for the next segment of motos. Heres a look at the action through the lens of James Lissimore.

Jacob Carney from Caledon, ON took 2nd in 50 Open, 2nd in 50 SR (7-8), 4th in 65 Open and 3rd in 65 (7-9).

Tyler Gravel finished with a 3rd in 50 Open, 3rd in 50 SR (7-9), 4th in 65 Open and 3rd in 65 (7-9).

Bobby Gravel would go 1st in 65 Open, 3rd in 65 (10-11), 7th in 85 Open and 2nd in 85 (9-11).

Erin, Ontario rider Sam Gaynor would take 3-2 in AX Open Intermediate and 4th in 250 Intermediate.

Alpha MX riders Ross Thirnbeck and Cole Wilson take in some moto action.

#300 Kevin Sullivan would take 5-3 in AX Open Intermediate and 2nd in AX 250 Intermediate.

The large numbers of ladies that turned out to race is a sign of good things for the Womens MX series. Here is #12 Chelsey Hennig who went 6-3 and #971 Mia Barrett who went 5-4 in the Ladies class at Barrie.

Dana Barrett would take 4-6 in the Ladies class.

Young Shelby Bradley showed up for the Saturday round and she took 8th.

Seth Hughes had a great weekend in Barrie going 4th in AX Open JR, 2nd in AX 250 JR and 2nd in Schoolboy.

Jack Gabor struggled with some of the track conditions but was able to pull things together and take 7-7 in AX Open Junior, 11th in AX 250 Junior and 5th in Schoolboy.

All smiles on the line with the 65 guys, Jacob Carney #14 and Tyler Gravel #2.

A solid weekend for Team Holeshot member Crayden Dillon who took 5th in 65 Open, 2nd in 65 (10-11) and 3rd in 85 (9-11).

Nolan Booker took 11th in 65 Open, 5th in 65 (10-11) and he would take 5th in 85 (9-11).

#22 Callum Schrader would take 2nd in 65 Open and 6th in 65 (10-11).

BC native Wyatt Waddell ended up with a separated shoulder during practice on Friday that he had medics pop back into place. Later again he experienced another shoulder separation and he had 450 Pro, Cade Clason come to his aid and got him back up and running in no time.

The Carlson Racing team member, Wyatt Waddell would go 8-10 in 250 Pro.

Alpha MX rider Ross Thirnbeck would take 10-9 in 250 Pro.

Back in the great white north.

Pennsylvania rider Mike Fowler made it up for Saturdays round in Barrie and he would take 8th in 250 Pro.

We will see a return of Mike Fowler to the Canadian MX series again this summer.

Port Franks, Ontario native Duncan MacLeod would go 11-11 in 250 Pro.

Carlson Racing team member Davey Fraser would take 8-10 in the 450 Pro class.

Off to a great start in the main on Saturday night but Fraser crashed and had to work his way through the pack.

#243 Eric Schildt would go 7-7 in 450 Pro.

The other Alpha MX rider Cole Wilson took 11th on Friday night in the 450 Pro class.

Alpha MX boss man Kyle Keast pushing his way through the pack on Friday night. He would take 9th in 450 Pro.

Keast and Clason exchanging a few words on the line.

Saturday night saw the same result for Keast, finishing 9th and doing his best Chad Reed, Kyle ended up pushing his bike to the finish line in a billow of smoke.

Not a bad start to his rookie season. Marco Cannella took 2nd in the 250 Pro class and 8th in the Clash for Cash on Friday night.

Cannella celebrates his second place finish on the podium Friday evening.

Friday evening we were also treated to having Jess Pettis back in the drivers seat.

Pettis reminded us of just how much of an indoors specialist he is.

Victory tastes pretty sweet. Some camera equipment may need a bit of clean up after Jess is through with them.

Friday, Round 5 podium with Pettis and Cannella going 1-2.

Marco Cannella looking like hes on top of his game heading into the outdoors.

Cannella would take 3rd on Saturday night to round out the series.

Domination was the name of the game with Pettis in Barrie.

Pettis swept both 250 Pro classes. If he can stay healthy, look for Pettis running up front this summer!

Time to pop some bubbly.

Pettis first out of the gate with his champagne bottle too.

A little TV time for the champ.

Your Round 6 podium with Pettis 1st and Cannella 3rd.

On the line with Cade Clason for the final show.

Taking the holeshot and leading for most of the 450 Pro class, Cade Clason proved hes the guy we need to see out there racing.

Clason ended up getting muscled out near the end by Thompson but put on an amazing ride for the main.

Podium 2 nights in a row. Cade Clason takes 2-2 to round out the series.

Your Round 6 450 Pro podium with Cade Clason taking his second place finish.

The overall series winners with Marco Cannella claiming third. Congratulations to champion Shawn Maffenbeier and second place Ryan Lockhart. Great riding guys!

Marco Cannella with his team and family celebrate his well earned finish to the series.

See you guys in May!