Swedish MX National | Race Report

May 30, 2018

by Gjermund Frostad

Event: Swedish National MX

Place: Lidkøping

Date: May 26/27, 2018

The best looking team in the pits, Team MC Sport. MC Sport is a MX shop from Stockholm and they have been doing a great job promoting the brand.

Ludwig Bredberg BRT/Bergmans Racing Team

Leopold Ambjörnsson Team Bloms MX

André Fornander Team MC Sport

Discussing team strategy.

#483 Rasmus Kaunitz team MC Sport and #287 Pelle Tell

Alex Brandow JE 68 Racing team.

JE68 rider Anton Bengtsson

Casper Lindholm Bloms MX Racing.

Rasmus Andersson Bloms MX racing.