Triple Crown MX: Round 1 Calgary, AB | Photo Report

May 29, 2018

By Dawn McClintock

Photos by James Lissimore

Here we are at opening weekend of the brand new Canadian motocross series Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour in Calgary, Alberta. The format for this new series has switched up the days and we now have Pro National and Womens National on the Saturday with Amateur day on the Sunday. We have all been waiting patiently to see who has done their homework on the off-season, who is healthy and how this new series will shape up. For the fans at home from a distance, the Triple Crown website offered up full live streaming from Calgary which was great. Lets take a look from round one through the lens of James Lissimore.

Alberta native, Madi Watt makes her return to the Canadian Ladies National after a horrendous injury at the ISDE in France that had her sidelined for the better part of the year. Great to see you back Madi! Watt would go 6/6 for a solid 5th overall.

Reigning Canadian Ladies MX East champion, Kennedy Lutz thought she would make the trek west this summer. After toning down her off-season training, Lutz returned to high school and didnt decide until the last minute to make her return to the series. In true Kennedy fashion, she dominated and you would never know that she hadnt trained all winter.

Lutz poured it on in Calgary and swept both motos with ease.

Kennedy Lutz gets her time with the TV crews on the podium.

Your Calgary Ladies podium.

Local boy Adam Pfeiffer would go 17/34 for a 21st overall.

Anthony Spadaccini made the long haul from Ontario. He took 14/17 for a solid 15th overall for the day.

How great is it to see that smile on the line! Cade Clason made his return to Canada supported by the Sky Holeshot Racing team headed up by former Canadian MX legend, Al Dyck.

Clason was laying down some fast laps in Calgary. With chilly temps in the morning, Cade cracked out his custom Revo Offroad vest.

Clason hasnt had a whole lot of time on the bike. He came up to Canada to compete at the final two rounds of the Triple Crown AX tour in Barrie to get his feet wet before the outdoors.

Clason looks really comfortable on the Honda.

Cade would take an impressive 7/8 for an 8th overall.

Davey Fraser swapped out his plates this summer moving up to the 450 class.

Fraser is back on the Carlson Racing team this summer with team mate Wyatt Waddell.

Davey didnt quite have the day he was hoping for. He went 36/17 for 22nd overall.

This guy knows how to lay it flat. Hayden Halstead looking for a break out season and hes on the right track.

Halstead came out strong in Calgary and proved hes a guy who can run up front.

Hayden blew out of the gate in moto 2 and took the holeshot. He later had a run in with some track banners which he was tangled in and caused him to fall back. He muscled his way back up to 11th. He took 9th in the first moto and that gave him a solid 9th overall.

New to this podium gig, Hayden Halstead heads up to get his holeshot cheque.

Plenty of love for the crowd. Halstead throws FXR goodies out to the fans.

Prince George, BC native Jonah Brittons took an impressive 11/14 for a 12th overall.

Brittons on the gas in moto 2.

Another BC rider, Joey Parkes would take 24/20 for 21st overall.

Somebody lit a fire under Jared Petruska. He was hauling it at the Wildrose MX park.

Sky Holeshot Racing rider Petruska would take a very impressive 6/6 for 5th overall in Calgary.

Jess Pettis getting in his zone in the Royal Distributing / FXR / Yamaha pit.

Pettis puts on a little whip show during qualifiers.

Pettis showed everyone he was healthy, primed and ready to take on this series.

…and primed he was. Pettis takes the win in moto 1.

A repeat performance for moto 2 for Pettis.

Fist pumps after the second moto win for Pettis.

The taste of sweet victory on the podium. Jess gets his swig on.

Coldstream, BC rider Mitchell Bradbury would go 39/34 for 36th overall.

MX legend Mike Brown decided he would head north to race Calgary.

Built for speed. Mike Brown shows that age is just a number. There were plenty of fast guys who only saw the back of Browns jersey.

Brown would take an impressive 9/9 for 9th overall in Calgary.

Watch for Brown to make a few more stops on the Triple Crown MX Tour this summer.

Rookie Marco Cannella suits up.

Cannella looks great at his first outdoor pro national with the Royal Distributing / FXR / Yamaha team.

Marco Cannella would take 5/8 for 6th overall.

Ryan Lalonde was the double-class king last summer. He has retired the double class title to focus strictly on the 450 class this year.

Ryan Lalonde would take 13/10 for a 10th overall.

Local Alberta boy Teren Gerber went 12/12 for a solid 10th overall.

#328 Talan Hansen from Wisconsin took 32/31 for 32nd overall.

Carlson Racing team member Wyatt Waddell would go 17/15 for 16th overall.

Waddell looking to shake things up on his home turf in BC next weekend.

The MX2 podium with Jess Pettis taking 1-1 sweep for the first time in his pro career. Great ride Jess! See you at Popkum.