FXR Ride Day | Photo Gallery

June 22, 2018

by Dawn McClintock

Photos by James Lissimore

When the western portion of the Canadian MX nationals finishes up every year, for FXR athletes and friends of FXR, that means we all meet at the crossroads for our annual FXR Ride Day. A standing tradition for the FXR family is to once a year have a gathering for both pro and amateur to break some bread, have some laughs and most importantly shred a few laps on our private track. This year was no different except for perhaps larger numbers turning out. Our athlete roster this year included many of our pro riders racing the Canadian MX nationals, a number of local amateur riders as well as special guests Jimmy Decotis, Mike Brown and a side-lined Canadian MX Ladies, multi-time AMA Off-road and EnduroX champion, Shelby Turner.

Tucked between canola fields, just outside of Winnipeg is a picturesque setting for the site of the annual ride day. This is also the one time a year that I fly into HQ to catch up with everyone that works at FXR as well as our athletes and every year it seems to get larger and is always a fun time. Last year was our first attempt at a two-day format and this year we continued with that but switch things up a bit turning the second day into a riding school with some of our top pro riders instructing amateur riders at the Zhoda MX track. We will dip into the riding school day a bit later but for now, lets take a look at some of the shots from the 2018 Ride Day from our good friend James Lissimore who joined us. Hope to see you out for next years ride day!

The FXR track that follows along the river bed.

A perfect day to get the gang all together.

Jess Pettis, Hayden Halstead and Anthony Spadaccini.

Cade Clason

Wounded warrior. Shelby Turner wasnt quite ready for hopping on a bike yet but it was great to have her join us.

Welcome all to Ride Day!


Decotis cracks out the two-stroke.

Two-stroke shoot out with Jimmy Decotis and Hayden Halstead on a borrowed blue plate special.

The Wiebe

Soon time for a nap.

Some of the 2019 gear was brought out to show off.

Brock Hoyer got the gold star for best style.

Connor Paul dishing out some sweet pancakes.

Pettis got to rock some of the 2019 gear too.

FXR Boss man, Milt Reimer mixing it up with Brownie.

Local fast Ladies rider, Michaela Hamm was kind enough to loan out her bike to Halstead. Hope its still running!

You know you have a pretty cool event when this guy is one of your flaggers for the day. Thanks for coming out Brett Lee!

FMX and Freestyle Snow specialist Mike Poirier was in the house.

Lunch break with the crew.

Jimmy Decotis, Hayden Halstead and Ryan Millar.

Fully catered lunch for a hungry bunch of riders.

Plenty of local talent showed up to hang out and ride.

Things got a little dusty so the hoses came out.

Daniel Sedlak even came up to join us on his way back from Norway to California.

FXR Brand Manager, Andy White grabs a few laps on Brownies bike.

The face says it all. Another successful ride day.

Certainly a highlight for many was to have Mike Brown here for the day.

Thanks for letting us come play in the backyard Milt!

FXR crew well represented. Hope to see you again next year!