Round 3 Thunder Valley MX National | Photo Report

May 7, 2018

by Dawn McClintock

Photos by Krystyn Slack

Thunder Valley track in Colorado was the next stop on the Lucas Oil Pro MX Championship circuit. And what a cool track this is carved right into the hillside with loads of elevation changes. Heres a look at some of the FXR athletes who lined up in Lakewood, CO to do battle. We will take a break in the series for another week and catch back up on June 16th at High Point.

Cody Williams #82

Brad Lionnet grabbing a little throttle and throwing that Thunder Valley roost.

Nathen LaPorte charging hard.

Slightly mud covered Williams.

Henry Miller would take 19th in moto 1.

Close behind Miller in moto 1 was Brad Lionnet who took 24th.

Brad Lionnet

On the line with Brad Lionnet and our newest member of the pro ranks for FXR, #577 Felix Lopez. Welcome to the crew Felix. Look for Felix to regroup with the series as things head further east.

Nathen LaPorte would take 27th in moto 1.

Cody Williams would take 35th in moto 1.

Thats Wisconsin native, #410 Tyler Lowe.

Tyler Lowe would take 39th in moto 1.

#553 Brent Rouse

#227 Cory Gilliam

Brent Rouse

#746 Chase Stephenson

Scrubbing the Thunder Valley jumps with Henry Miller.

Miller would take a solid 16th in moto 2 to give him a 17th overall.

LaPorte would take 39th in moto 2 to give him 35th for the day.

Henry Miller on a charge.

Brad Lionnet would take 20th in moto 2 to give him 23rd overall.

Cody Williams finished in 38th place in moto 2 to give him 38th overall.

Brad Lionnet

#52 Rob Kniss running the 125 support class.

Tyer Lowe would finish 27th in moto 2 to give him a 33rd overall.

Williams digs deep at Thunder Valley.

Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Brad Lionnet

Henry Miller picking his favourite ruts.

Tyler Lowe

Cody Williams

See you guys at High Point!