Triple Crown MX: Round 3 Prince George, BC | Photo Report

June 13, 2018

Photos by James Lissimore

The third round of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour swung north to Prince George, BC this past weekend and this marks the second time that the Blackwater MX track has hosted a national. The track looked good and was set for hosting another solid round but mother nature ended up turning the tables a bit in Prince George and it rained…and rained. That didnt stop the show from going on and we saw some good racing. Lets take a look at the action from round three.

Kennedy Lutz was back to her true form after an appearance from Tara Geiger at round two that shook things up a bit.

Lutz would go on to sweep the Ladies class once again.

Your Prince George Ladies podium complete with hand carved grizzly bears for trophies.

Anthony Spadaccini would take 14-20 to give him 16th overall in Prince George.

Brock Hoyer swapped out the snow kit and dusted off the tires to come out and compete in the 450 class.

Hoyer proved hes still got moto running thick through his veins.

Brock would take a 9-12 to give him a solid 10th overall.

Cade Clason didnt exactly have the weekend he was hoping for.

With bike issues in moto one, Clason ended up with a DNF.

Coming back strong in moto 2, Clason finish a solid 8th place and he took 16th overall.

Inclement weather is just what Halstead likes to hear. This guy doesnt let a little mud get in his way.

Moto two, Hayden Halstead leads the pack and manages to take time for a fist pump over the finish in lap one.

The west was always a bit of a struggle for Halstead, but this year things keep looking up for the likeable kid from Waterford, ON.

Halstead would go 7-6 for an impressive 6th overall.

Home town boy, Jonah Brittons gets some fresh goggles from dealing with the sloppy conditions.

Brittons would go on to finish 19-21 for 23rd overall.

Jared Petruska had a 8-DNF for 17th overall.

Petruska rode hard all day despite a nasty crash during qualifying. His bike fell victim of the muddy track conditions in moto two and the engine blew.

High fives for the local boy. Jess Pettis took home town advantage with fans lining the fence cheering him on.

The calm after the storm, but more stormy situations lay ahead.

Up front in good position for taking another moto win and Pettis had his bike blow with just 2 laps remaining.

Regrouping after his bike issue in moto one, Pettis was out to redeem himself in moto two.

Pettis fought hard and managed himself a second place in moto two.

The end of the day Pettis would take 10th overall and still hold onto the points lead heading into round four.

Cant let a good guy down. Pettis enjoys his podium time for his 2nd place finish in moto two.

Another Royal Distributing/FXR/Yamaha guy who had a great weekend was Marco Cannella.

Just on the cusp of hitting the podium. Watch for Cannella to earn some time on the main stage as things swing east.

Marco Cannella would take 6-4 for a very impressive 4th overall.

Shameless product placement at the podium.

Another BC boy who is accustomed to giving it in the muddy conditions.

Teren Gerber on the gas. He would go 10-10 for 9th overall.

Tyler Gibbs ready to take on the 250 pack.

Gibbs would go DNF-14t for 22nd overall.

Wyatt Waddell muscles through the mud but ends up with a DNF in moto one.

Waddell would take 23rd in moto two to give him 28th overall.