Round 6 Southwick MX National | Photo Report

July 5, 2018

by Dawn McClintock

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

I have to say, Southwick has to be one of my favourite tracks to go watch as a fan. This past weekend there were some crazy hot temperatures and Im sure those fans were so glad to have all those towering pine trees for shade. The riders however were slugging it out in that heat and youve got to give it up to those guys who must have struggled to somehow keep themselves hydrated.

FXR presence was huge at Southwick. Like Brown Dog said, there were so many FXR riders at Southwick that his head was spinning trying to keep up with all the shots he needed to get us. Thanks Brown Dog for also being that guy who toughed it out in that heat with a spinning top for a head. Heres how things went down in New England this weekend.

Some hardcore fans line the fence at Southwick.

Keep cool guys!

FXR fleet taking it wide into the first turn.

First turn pack includes FXR riders #711 Tristan Lane, #139 Nathen LaPorte and #577 Felix Lopez.

Blasting off the start.

Hometown hero Jimmy Decotis heads to the line.

Welcome to The Wick.

Such a picturesque setting with loads of elevation shift.

Get that guy an umbrella.

Start style check with Felix Lopez.

Start style check with Nathen LaPorte.

Start style check with Jeremy Smith.

Felix Lopez would take 28th in moto one.

Nathen LaPorte took 31st in moto one.

Rough start for Kyle Cunningham in moto one with some bike issues.

Washington, MI native #796 Mike Bidus.

Chewing through the Southwick sand with Jeremy Smith. Smith would take 25th in moto one.

Tristan Lane

Another local fast guy, Josh Prior. Prior would take 21st in moto one.

Jimmy Decotis would take 20th in moto one.

#560 Kyle Murdoch

Henry Miller would take 12th in moto one.

Local favourite Chris Canning would take 11-15 for a solid 12th overall.

Another local fast guy, Kyle Murdoch would take 33-28 for 34th overall.

Josh Prior would take 23rd in moto 2 for 22nd overall.

Colton Karl

Miller would round out his day with 34th to give him 14th overall

Nathen LaPorte took 28th in moto two and he finished the day in 33rd place.

Tristan Lane would take 25th in moto two to give him 26th overall.

Kyle Cunningham would reprieve himself in moto two with a 13th for a 15th overall.

Decotis would finish out his day with a 35th in moto two to give him 21st overall.

Felix Lopez would take 27th in moto two to give him 29th overall.

Grabbing some clear vision over the finish line jump.

Nathen LaPorte

Henry Miller

Tristan Lane

Jimmy Decotis

Henry Miller

Jimmy Decotis

Tristan Lane

The Rippah mixing it up.

See you guys at Red Bud!