Round 7 Red Bud MX National | Photo Report

July 12, 2018

by Dawn McClintock

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

The most patriotic race in the circuit without a doubt would be Red Bud. Every year this race falls right around the American Independence Day and fans go all out to celebrate their patriotism and their favourite riders. This year there will also be another celebrated race held at Red Bud. The annual Motocross of Nations will be hosted here in Michigan and you can bet those stars and stripes will be flying high. We had some great racing this weekend and another stacked group of FXR athletes turning up to compete. Heres a look at some of the racing from this past weekend courtesy of Brown Dog.

Fans line the fence line with their cold beverages in hand. Loud and Michigan proud, even Joe Dirt made an appearance.

Patriotism at its finest at Red Buuuuud!

This guy must have been one of the campers.

Henry Miller cracks out the new Helium 2019 kit for Red Bud.

#961 Mario Testa

#553 Brent Rouse

#560 Kyle Murdoch

#796 Mike Bidus

#914 Brice Klippel

#345 Josh Prior

#631 Brandon Dickson

Kyle Murdoch

Local rider Jerry Lorenz would take 27-35 to give him 32nd for the day

Another great ride for Kyle Cunningham this weekend.

Jeremy Smith would take 34-38 for a 32nd overall.

Kyle Cunningham would sport the brand new 2019 Revo gear this weekend.

Jimmy Decotis also rocked the new Revo kit.

Hammer down. Kyle Cunningham pulled off a solid 11th in the first moto after coming from the back of the pack.

Tristan Lane and Jeremy Smith lined up for MX2.

Tyler Lowe would take 36th in moto one.

Jimmy Decotis would take 27th in moto one.

Cunningham has been fortunate enough to be able to pit under the JGR tent for the outdoors.

Henry Miller would take a solid 13th in moto one.

Cody Williams would take 33-17 to give him 19th overall.

Henry Miller rockin the 2019 Helium gear.

Nathen LaPorte took a 25th in moto two.

Jimmy Decotis would take a 24th in moto two for a 27th overall.

Scrub time with Jimmy D.

Bar to bar

The new 2019 Helium Navy/White/Orange combo.

Tyler Lowe would take 28th in moto two for a 32nd overall.

If you get a chance, head over to PulpMX and listen to the podcast Kyle Cunningham did with Steve Matthes.

Listen to the podcast here.

Cunningham put on a great ride in moto two and took 8th to give him an impressive 8th overall.

See you guys at Spring Creek!