Round 8 Spring Creek MX National | Photo Report

July 25, 2018

by Dawn McClintock

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson 

Here we are already at round eight and we couldnt have asked for a better day at the Spring Creek MX Park in Millville, MN. Always a treat for some of our FXR crew  to come to this round due to its close proximity to FXR HQ and it just happens to be Henry Millers home track. We knew that we had to do something special leading up to this race for Henry so our design team helped put together a pretty neat set up from his gear right down to the bike graphics. His team pulled together some matching plastics and bam…Henry was the most lit guy out there. Heres a look at some of the riders that were there Saturday at Millville.

Stage is set at Spring Creek MX Park.

Custom set up for Henry Miller this weekend.

Michigan native #631 Brandon Dickson.

Nathen LaPorte would take 31-31 for 32nd overall. | CTK Media photo

Felix Lopez would take 20-23 to give him 22nd overall.

On the gas with Cody Williams.

Williams race face. Ready to take on the mains.

Pretty hard to top a home track race. Henry Miller was in his element on Saturday.

The Rippah on a tear. Jimmy Decotis would take 16th in moto one.

Miller was sporting the new Helium Air kit for moto one.


Getting the job done. Henry Miller cranks out a 9th place in moto one.

Sitting solid after moto one, Kyle Cunningham takes a 12th place.

Stylish as always. Jerry Robin just didnt feel he brought his mojo with him to Spring Creek. He would take 21-37 to finish out his day in 27th place.

Jimmy Decotis would take 24th in moto two to give him 20th overall.

Cunningham battles through the roost.

Kyle Cunningham would take 16th in moto two to give him an impressive 14th overall for Spring Creek.

Decotis also cracking out the new Helium Air for Millville.

Decotis was hauling the mail at Spring Creek.

Jimmy Decotis

Jimmy Decotis

Packing the gate with Henry Miller.

Always a fan favourite when the circuit comes to Spring Creek MX Park. A custom graphic kit, plastics and gear set up was in order for Henry this weekend.

Miller had his career best outdoor pro finish this weekend with his 11th overall. Congrats Henry!

Cody Williams would take 21st in moto two to give him 23rd overall.

Kyle Cunningham was wearing the brand new 2019 Revo blue/black/hi-vis kit for Millville.

Cody Wiliams rockin the Helium Air.

Decotis was wearing the new Revo white/navy/red/blue set.

Matchy matchy

See you guys at Washougal!