Round 9 Washougal MX National | Photo Report

August 1, 2018

by Dawn McClintock

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

Plenty of action here at Washougal. This stop on the circuit meant it was time for the much anticipated 125 All Star race. With a long list of riders that included some familiar names, we knew this was going to be a big hit. Mike Brown said that it was probably one of the most fun races hes competed in and despite not making it on the top of the box, he gave guys a run for their money. Our list of FXR riders for the main races however was pretty short given a larger portion of our pro guys show up at mainly eastern rounds. Here is a look at some of the race day images from round nine.

#52 Rob Kniss lining up for a site lap in the 125 All Star race here in Washougal.

Kniss is in good company for the start. Husky crew locked and loaded.

Calm, cool and collected. Mike Brown waiting to get the show on the road here.

Brownie had a chance to try out the new Helium Black/Hi-Vis kit for Washougal.

Kniss would finish in 28th.

Mike and his man friend set the stage.

Fully twisted on the straight away. Mike Brown is on a charge.

Mike Brown

Brown would pull the holeshot and lead the race. A corner hung Mike up slightly allowing Villopoto to get past him.

A good ride for Mike Brown taking 2nd for the day.

Your 125 All Star podium. 1st Villopoto, 2nd Brown, 3rd Hahn.

Jimmy Decotis sporting the brand new Helium black and mint kit for Washougal.

Decotis would take 18-21 for 21st overall.

Jimmy D out of the shadows.

It was another great weekend for Kyle Cunningham.

Into the shadows with Kyle Cunningham.

Cunningham finished an impressive 11-8 to give him 9th overall.

Off the start with the 250s.

A solid start for Jimmy Decotis.

Style check with Jimmy D.

Style check with Kyle Cunningham.

Nathen LaPorte would take 25-21 to give him 26th overall.

See you guys at Unadilla!