Triple Crown MX: Round 7 Riverglade | Photo Report

August 1, 2018

Photos by James Lissimore

It seems like the season has just got started and here we are already at Round 7. The series rolled back into town for the Riverglade national in Moncton, NB. This track has been on the circuit forever and is always a favourite with the riders and fans alike. Here is a look at some of the race action from Saturday at Riverglade MX Park.

Starting things off with the Ladies National round. Sarah-Kim Villeneuve put on another solid ride this weekend. She took an impressive 4-5 for a 4th overall.

Local rider Madison Devine would take 16-24 for a 20th overall.

Quebec ladies rider Malia Garant took 21-20 for 21st overall.

Anthony Spadaccini would take 23-23 to give him 24th overall.

Cade Clason cracked out his new Revo kit for Riverglade.

Some bad luck for Clason in the first moto where his bike gave out on him on lap 5.

Cade would take DNF-8 to give him 16th for the day.

Back on his home turf. Davey Fraser had his fan base in the house.

Some better results for Fraser this weekend. He took 13-15 for 14th overall.

Duncan MacLeod would take 30-32 for a 31st overall.

Got flow.

Halstead keeping his focus in check and results are staying in the top 10.

Halstead would take 7-9 for a solid 8th overall at Riverglade.

Jonah Brittons finding his groove at Riverglade.

Brittons would take 17-14 for a 16th overall.

Connor Paul would take 27-31 for 29th overall.

Jared Petruska pushing forward at Riverglade.

Petruska has a pretty badass race face.

Petruska would take 11-17 for a 13th overall.

Jess Pettis getting in his zone at the gate.

The MX101 boys prep their gate.

Putting on a charge. Pettis will dominate moto one.

Pettis taking the checkers and the win in moto one.

Podium time for Pettis.

Jess Pettis would take 1-5 for a 3rd overall and maintains the points lead heading into the next round.

Kein Denzler made his return to the Canadian nationals this past weekend. You may remember Denzler had a bad accident at Gopher national last year where he lost part of a finger. We are glad to see him back in the mix!

Denzler would take 16-13 for 14th overall.

Marco Cannella ready to rock.

Whats your jam in staging Marco?

Cannella still looking very strong every weekend with consistent finishes again here at Riverglade.

Cannella would take an impressive 6-6 for 6th overall.

Cannella sporting his new Revo kit for Riverglade.

Ryan Lalonde put on another impressive ride this weekend.

Lalonde continues to push himself every weekend and its paying off.

Lalonde would take 14-14 for 13th overall.

Tough weekend for Teren Gerber who had a bad practice crash that left him sidelined for the main motos.

William Crete would take 19-18 for 19th overall.

Wyatt Waddell would take 24-19 for 21st overall at Riverglade.

See you guys at Deschambault!