Triple Crown MX: Round 9 Walton | Photo Report

August 21, 2018

Photos by James Lissimore

What a season this has been in the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Tour! The final round was held this past weekend back at Walton after missing this track last season. It never really seemed quite like a final round when it wasnt at Walton so we are all glad to see them back on the schedule. We saw a good amateur week at the TransCan with a decent turnout but mother nature really took the boots to the whole area for a few days and to the track. Fortunately weather seemed to clear just in time for the pro national on Saturday and the track couldnt have been in better shape. We bid the outdoor series good bye and look forward to some upcoming supercross dates to round out the Triple Crown series. Heres a look at the final round at the famed Walton Raceway.

Wyatt Waddell took 18-25 for 23rd overall at Walton.

After being away from home all summer Waddell heads home 20th in the seasons points. Watch for Wyatt to line up when the Triple Crown SX Tour starts up next month.

Alberta native Teren Gerber would take 14-30 for 20th overall.

Teren will bring home 12th in series points this year. Teren will have to consult doctors when he gets home to make the decision if his torn ACL will require surgery or not. All the best on your recovery Teren.

Kein Denzler is a guy who has really shown hes done some serious training this year. He would take 9-10 for 9th overall and is 22nd in series points.

A great ride for Alberta native Jared Petruska at Walton this weekend. He took 11-11 for 10th overall.

Petruska leaves the series with an impressive 8th in points.

Jonah Brittons would take a DNF-24 for 26th overall at Walton and he finished out the series sitting 14th in points.

Local rider Duncan MacLeod would take 27-DNF for 34th overall. Duncan rounds out the series 43rd in points.

Connor Paul took 30-27 for 29th overall. He sits 32nd in points for the series.

Anthony Spadaccini would go 21-23 for 24th overall. He takes home 17th in series points.

Bryan Cormier would take 28-28 for 27th overall. He scored 59th in series points.

We saw it coming all through the whole series but it wasnt until Walton that he made it stick. Marco Cannella dug deep and found himself on the podium at Walton and what a way to round out the series.

Cannella proved that hes a top contender by going 2-4 for 3rd overall.

Cannella leads Pettis in moto two.

Big things in store in 2019 for Marco Cannella.

Jess Pettis was calm and collected all day at Walton.

Pettis knew he had a job to do if he was going to gap those 3 points.

Taking the win in moto one helped Jess gain some confidence but heat was still on with moto two looming.

Ontario rider Taylor Ciampichini would go 24-24 for 25th overall. Taylor was only able to hit a couple of rounds this summer but you could tell he was having fun out there back in the mix.

Ryan Lalonde took 19-26 for 24th overall. Lalonde has slugged it out this summer and pretty sure a goal of top ten is what he had in mind. He will finish out the series with 9th in points.

Mike Fowler was back again for Walton and he went DNF-21. Pretty sure Mike is ready to regroup for next season after a tough few rounds up in Canada.

Mike Brown was back for more action north of the border.

Under the MP1 Suspension tent, Mike Brown had Mike Parliament wrenching for him this weekend.

Brown would take an impressive 6-14 for 11th overall. We all know Mike loves coming back to Canada whenever he has the chance. He leaves the series having lined up for 3 rounds with 19th in points.

The come back kid a.k.a. Liam OFarrell. After racing the Vet 30A+ INT/PRO class during the Walton TransCan, OFarrell lined up for the pro national on Saturday.

Liam would take and impressive 11-8 for 10th overall. Look for him to run the full national circuit in 2019.

Michigan rider Jerry Lorenz went 26-DNF for 35th overall.

A last minute decision to head north to Walton for Mexican rider Felix Lopez. Felix turned a lot of heads this weekend running up near the front of the pack.

Lopez would take a solid 5-12 for 8th overall. Watch for Felix to represent his country at Motocross of Nations next month.

Davey Fraser was feeling right at home on a hard pack track and earlier in the week on a sloppy muddy version of the track.

Fraser would take 15-20 for 16th overall. Davey will take home 16th in series points.

Cade Clason was on the gas at Walton and went 7-10 for 7th overall.

Clason walks away from the outdoor season with 8th in series points.

Watch for Clason to return to Canada once we shift over to Triple Crown SX Tour.

The man we all celebrated this weekend was Jess Pettis who took home the 250 title.

Pettis looking good in his #1 jersey on the podium.

A well deserved celebration with his competitors on the stage. Keeping the vision clear with his goggle sponsor stepping in for the final champagne blast.

It wouldnt be a victory without a little burnout on the stage.

The first look at the champ rockin his new number.

Walton overall podium with former MX101 athlete, Dylan Wright taking the top step, Jess Pettis in second and Marco Cannella taking third.

Your 250 Triple Crown MX Tour podium, Jess Pettis taking the title, Joey Crown taking second and former MX101 athlete Shawn Maffenbeier taking third. Well done fellas!

Sweet victory! Jess takes a moment to pause after celebrating with his team and family.

Congrats to you champ. You earned that one!