Triple Crown SX: Round 1 Montreal | Photo Report

September 19, 2018

Photos by James Lissimore

We are back in the saddle for the supercross season here in Canada. Round one of the Triple Crown SX series was held at the good old Olympic Stadium in Montreal, QC. Its been a number of years since we have seen a supercross held in Montreal and its great to have it back on the calendar and it looks like they may be locked in for a few more years. We have had about a month off since we last saw national race action in Canada with MX2 rider Jess Pettis taking the championship in the Triple Crown MX tour. This past weekend in Montreal, we saw Pettis dominate again. We also welcomed new FXR team member, Phil Nicoletti to the Canadian field this weekend where he will reside under the OTSFF tent for a two year deal. Welcome to the crew Phil. Lets take a look at the action from round one of the Triple Crown SX tour.

The usual suspects lined up for MX2 with a dash of local Quebec riders and a couple Americans.

Off the start for the 250s. #15 Jess Pettis was off like a shot and didnt look back.

Local Quebec rider Nicholas Lavelle would take 12th overall.

Wyatt Waddell flew back out east to line up at Montreal. He would take an impressive 6th overall.

Pettis looking smooth as ever on the supercross track.

New to this indoors thing, Marco Cannella would have his first ever supercross race here in Montreal.

Pettis in his zone.

For a first time ride, Cannella did great. Marco would take 5th overall.

Pettis would sweep the MX2 class and even lap up to 5th place.

Carlson Racing rider Davey Fraser is no stranger to indoors given all of his AX experience.

Fraser would take 18-17-15 for 17th overall.

Mike Brown was among several American riders who were invited up for Montreal SX.

Brownie would take 17-16-13 for 16th overall.

Get used to the #54 of Phil Nicoletti. He will be racing up here in Canada for the next 2 seasons.

Phil rockin his new Revo kit for Montreal.

Nicoletti would take 6-6-DNF for an 11th overall.

Phil said hes taking things at his own pace as he gets used to his new bike.

Ready to take on Delaware this coming weekend.

Jess Pettis was the man of the hour with his supercross experience in the US, he made Montreal look like a cake walk.

Holding his Olympic Stadium trophy proudly.

Your MX2 podium. Smile Shawn, we still love you!

Let the celebrations begin!

See you guys at Delaware Speedway this weekend!