Triple Crown SX: Round 2 Delaware, ON | Photo Report

September 25, 2018

Photos by James Lissimore

Round two of the Rockstar Triple Crown SX Tour was held this past weekend at Delaware Speedway just outside of Delaware, ON. The track is well known in the Ontario stock car circuit with its half mile paved oval. The Jetwerx crew built the SX track partially on the infield and over a cement standard onto the straight away of the actual oval track where spectator bleachers had a good view of the entire track. The weather cooperated and the stage was set for racing. There was some concern with the layout of the track that did get switched up a bit prior to the evening show. Amateur turn out was not great but those who did show up gained great experience and Im sure they will be keen to line up for more come the next couple rounds. If youre an amateur and you didnt show up, make a point of giving it a try. We have two more rounds left and it sure would be nice to see those gates filled up. Heres a look at how things went at Delaware Speedway.

Marco Cannella clocked some decent lap times in qualifiers.

Supercross can be a tough beast to master. Cannella admitted he needs to work on his whoops skills to get this SX thing nailed down.

Ready to rock qualifiers with Jess Pettis.

Pettis sure knows how to make this look easy.

Davey Fraser was looking good at Delaware. He would take 5th in his heat.

A bruised and battered Phil Nicoletti muscled through the pain from his Montreal crash.

Not the kind of track you want to be riding with broken ribs on board.

Nicoletti would take 2nd in his heat race.

Intermediate Ontario rider Sam Gaynor just coming off the injury list thought hed line up for MX2 at Delaware.

Wyatt Waddell is really coming into his own here in the SX Tour.

Waddell would take 4th in his heat race.

Marco Cannella gets a little TV time with Zeb Dennis.

Just over a week we will see Jess Pettis line up at Red Budd to represent Canada at Motocross of Nations.

Nicoletti looking for some fine tuning before the evening show.

Sam Gaynor would take 10th at Delaware and walk away with a few bruises and new learning experience.

The sun sets and the lights go on at Delaware.

Wyatt Waddell finish off his night in 9th place.

Mike Fowler was able to get some last minute engine issues sorted out and made the long trip north to Delaware. Fowler would get taken out by another rider during the main event and had to settle for 13th.

Jess Pettis put on another flawless ride at round two.

#32 Seth Hughes would take the win for the Open Junior class.

Ladies class rider Dana Barrett holeshot and lead the main but was taken out by another rider and was forced to settle for 3rd place.

Mia Barrett #971 would take 5th and Alyssa Hale #364 would finish 7th in Ladies.

Quebec native, Malia Garant would take an impressive 2nd place finish for the Ladies class.

The main event saw Phil Nicoletti take the holeshot and lead the better part of the race.

How tough is this guy though! Nicoletti held on most of the race out front but his injuries from Montreal got the best of him. He soldiered through what must have been agonizing pain and finished a very impressive 3rd place.

A solid ride for Marco Cannella with a fourth place finish. Look for this guy to get things figured out and get himself up on the box.

Davey Fraser was pleased with his Delaware performance. Keeping it safe was the name of the game that night.

Fraser would finish the night with 7th place.

Bringing home another victory under the lights. Pettis proved hes the guy with the skills.

Keeping that red plate heading into round three.

Podium time.

Pettis addresses the crowd on the podium.

Celebration time for the 250 guys.

Your 250 Pro Delaware SX podium. We learned that Shawn Maffenbeier was able to clinch the 250 Triple Crown title after this evenings results. Congratulations go out to Shawn on his victory and his purse win!

Phil Nicoletti takes third at Delaware and gets his well earned spot on the podium. Hope you are on the mend soon Phil and we will see everyone at round 3 in Quebec City!