Catching up with Jayden Clough

October 19, 2018

Photos by MX Matt

We take time to chat with Minnesota young gun, Jayden Clough who was fortunate enough to get the invite to compete at the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas this past weekend. Clough managed to achieve his goals and the event surpassed his expectations. Lets learn a little more about this likeable kid from MN.

Name: Jayden Clough
Age: 14
Home town: Elko, MN
Bikes: Kawasaki Kx100 Yamaha yz125
Classes racing: Supermini 1 and 2, Schoolboy 1

FXR: Hey Jayden how did you get started in racing?
Jayden Clough: My dad bought me some dirt bikes when I was 3, we started riding around our yard, one weekend we had some friends and they asked us if we wanted to race and I went to my first race when I was 4, I liked it and started doing more and more to where I am now.

FXR: You have more recently joined forces with Black Diamond MX team. How did that come together for you?
JC: We needed a new graphic company a few years ago so we started working with Nick Jackson at BDMX, He has made us some awesome graphics, recently he has started being my mechanic at Nationals and working with me at my local tracks too.

FXR: Is there a rider you look up to?
JC: Ryan Dungey because he is from Minnesota and he is super fast and a really nice person and we have got to meet him.

FXR: Do you have a favourite track you like to race? 
JC: Ponca City because they handle the track very well and it gets rough and deep ruts and I tend to do well there.

FXR: What is the competition like in your classes? 
JC: It is very tough competition in my classes and there’s a few racers I have good battles with.

FXR: That must have been pretty cool to get to be part of the MEC event at Las Vegas last week. How did that all come together for you?
JC: It was very cool, we got the call that we were in about a week and a half before it was happening. We rebuilt my bike over the weekend, got some supercross suspension set up, made the drive to California before the MEC race and got about three hours of practice on a supercross track.

FXR: What was the atmosphere like being at MEC?
JC: It was very exciting, standing out on the track for the opening ceremonies and lining up behind the pros was pretty neat. The jumps are what scared me the most, but I broke down the track to other tracks I have rode before and had a pretty good idea of how to go about doing them. Overall it was an awesome experience for me.

FXR: You had yourself a pretty good race and you managed to grab 10th place. Did you have any goals in mind heading into that?
JC: Top ten overall was my goal because I had little practice on supercross and most the other people had been riding supercross since Loretta’s.

FXR: How did you feel about your finish?
JC: I feel pretty great considering my crash on the second lap of the second main, but I do wish I could have gotten a better place.

FXR: Was there a stand out moment for you at MEC?
JC: The first moto when I went from last to 8th place, I never gave up and kept charging forward.

FXR: What are your plans heading into 2019?
JC: Go to Loretta Lynn’s in supermini 1 and 2 and get top 3

FXR: All the best for you upcoming season and thanks for taking time to catch up with us Jayden. Do you have any sponsors you would like to give a shout out to?
JC: Black Diamond MX Graphics, JM Racing, Powerband Racing, Bell Helmets, Scott Goggles, Plainview Powersports, EVS, Vertex Pistons, Protaper, Unlimited Motorsports, and FXR for the new gear.