MXON RedBud, USA | Photo Report

October 11, 2018

by Dawn McClintock

If you have ever been to a Motocross of Nations race you understand the whole experience of witnessing it in person. Ive been to a few in the USA and a few in Europe and UK. You will be hard pressed to find an event outside Europe that has the same wow factor of being there but looking at last weekend at RedBud, Michigan, I think we can safely say thats the closest you will get to feeling that same vibe you get overseas. The fans were plain nuts! Coupling the wildness of the fans with the staggering amount of mud and the intense battles on the track, it set the stage for memories that you will have for the rest of your life.

For the riders the mud really was the game changer. The US team who was favoured to be in the podium was a tad lack lustre, much to the dismay of all the American fans who lined the fence. I hope a greater respect was gained for these tough European GP riders who know how to get the job done on less than ideal days in less than ideal conditions. These guys were just on a whole different level. I had my money on the guys from The Netherlands to take the win but luck wasnt on their side. They had two exceptional rides from Herlings and Coldenhoff but holding them back was their MX2 guy Viaanderen. We will see what these guys have for the world come 2019 when MXON is on their home turf in Assen. Sure and steady wins the race and hats off to Team France who took the overall and only a few slim points separated them from Team Italy.

For the Canadian team we knew the rain was coming and we knew we couldnt have sent better riders to contest the world in a mud race. The Canadian team proved that they could run up near the top with the big dogs and while a few hiccups with crashes and bike issues kept them from showing their true colours, these guys should be happy with how their weekend went. Canada ended up with an 11th but without a doubt this was Canadas best ride as far as dicing it up with the world. For young Jess Pettis this meant his first ever time on Team Canada and he didnt disappoint. He qualified well and had a few early moto crashes that prevented him from riding up where we know he should have been but he put his head down and pushed his way through the pack to have some solid finishes for the team. Congratulations Jess and Team Canada for a job well done. Here are a few images from the Canadian camp. See you guys in Assen!

The gathering of nations. Im sure the local Wal-mart had a pretty good run on rubber boots this weekend. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Headed to the parade of countries. Team manager Kourtney Lloyd takes the Team Canada boys to their parade truck. (Hey cousin Eddie, shitters full!) | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Team Canada Youth Ambassador team lead Kyle Springman. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

KTM Canada rider Tanner Ward was part of the Canadian crew. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

THE BEST EVER turn out for Canadian fans in the history of the MXON (and quite possibly the most hockey jerseys worn and hockey sticks seen at a MX event). | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Random, well-hydrated US fan. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Jess Pettis in staging for qualifying on day one. Pretty sweet custom Canada kit for Jess. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Custom gear, custom helmet, custom boots, custom bike graphics…Pettis was lit! | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Pettis lined up with the best in the world and came away with another tick box checked on his bucket list. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Pettis would take 13th in Free Practice. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

With a few adjustments made, Pettis was back out for MX qualifiers where he took an impressive 8th place and the teams combined solid finishes put Team Canada into the A Finals for Sunday. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Vision clearly became an issue this weekend. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

You might need a bit of Oxy Clean with that next load Jess. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

The Team Canada paddock was bustling with activity and no lack of maple leafs this year. Well done Kourtney Lloyd! | Brown Dog Wilson photo

No lack of maple leafs on the other side of the fence either. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Team manager Kourtney Lloyd (centre) ran a great program this year with a lot of help from her crew. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Day two Pettis crew (Cale Foster, Kevin Tyler, Jess and Mike Smith) ready to take on the day. | Lissimore photo

Jess takes time to chat with some of the Canadian fans. | Lissimore photo

Lens extension for the visor was definitely a good addition before hitting the track. | Lissimore photo

Lets do this Jess! | Lissimore photo

Staging was a beehive of activity. | Lissimore photo

Jess gets himself wedged into the designated Canadian staging area. | Lissimore photo

…and now we wait.| Lissimore photo

Pettis wrench, Mike Smith getting into his own zone while Facciottis wrench Justin Petker shows off his handy work on Coltons helmet visor. | Brown Dog Wilson photo

Hot lap styling. | Lissimore photo

First lap tangle with Ken Roczen in moto one forced Jess to start from near the back of the pack. | Lissimore photo

Pettis put his head down and muscled his way through the pack. | Lissimore photo

| Lissimore photo

No amount of tear offs/roll offs would get you through this race. | Lissimore photo

| Lissimore photo

Picking off the slower guys. Pettis works his way though. | Lissimore photo

This was a 10/10 for fan turn out. | Lissimore photo

Pettis worked hard and managed to get himself up to 21st in moto one.| Lissimore photo

| Lissimore photo

| Lissimore photo

Next up was race two with combined MX2 and Open classes and a clean set of gear. | Lissimore photo

Locked and loaded. | Lissimore photo

| Lissimore photo

| Lissimore photo

Headed to the gate. | Lissimore photo

| Lissimore photo

| Lissimore photo

Another crash off the first turn for Pettis had him picking through the masses again. | Lissimore photo

Pouring it on to gain some positions. | Lissimore photo

| Lissimore photo

| Lissimore photo

| Lissimore photo

Navigating through these massive ruts. | Lissimore photo

Pettis would come away with a 20th place in the second moto and his team went on to take 11th for Canada. Well done guys!

See you in Assen, Netherlands for 2019! | Brown Dog Wilson photo