Updates from Europe

October 3, 2018

by Gjermund Frostad

Event: Swedish Enduro Championship
Place: Bollnes Sweden
Date: 29.09.18
The Swedish Enduro Championship series is now over and our FXR riders were all business and got the job done this season. With plenty of hard work and skill, our FXR athletes came home with 3 champions in 2018.
Oskar Ljungsrøm Junior E2
Hanna Berzelius Womens
Marcus Adrielsson 125 cc
We were on the podium in all classes with
Robert Friberg 2 in E1
Niklas Persson in E2
Martin Larsson in E3
John salomonsson in E1 Junior
Amanda Elwin in Womens

Anton Sandstedt ended his day early with a crash.

Oskar Ljungstrøm is the Swedish Junior champ.

Robert Friberg was 2nd overall in E2.

New outfit for Swedish champ Hanna Berzelius.

Martin Larson was 3rd overall in E3.

| Mats Svensson photo

Marcus Adrielsson was the 125 cc champ.

Richard Alun was 5th overall in E2.

Emil Gustavsson was 5th for the day.

| Mats Svensson photo

Amanda Elvin was 3rd overall in the Womens class. | Mats Svensson photo

John Salomonsson was 3rd overall in the Junior class.

Happy team mates Robert Friberg and Martin Larsson.

Womens podium. | Mats Svensson photo