Future West AX RD 3 Chilliwack, BC | Photo Report

December 4, 2018

Photos by James Lissimore

We were back in Chilliwack this Friday for more AX action but we ended up with a slight bump in the road for Round 4 on Saturday. During practice on Saturday a flagger came onto the track in the path of Cade Clason and suffered some substantial injuries as did Clason. Cade was released same day from hospital after being x-rayed and he had to get some stitches. The flagger was released from hospital just yesterday so good news. We never want to hear about these sorts of incidents. Unfortunately this incident resulted in the racing being cancelled for Saturdays Round 4.  This was no doubt a weekend filled with peaks and valleys and we are glad everyone is going to be ok. Lets move on to more positive happenings. Heres a look at Round 3 from Friday.

Cade Clason consults the boss/wrench, Sky Racings Al Dyck on the line.

When its cold in the barn just slide on your off-road vest for an extra layer.

Taking 1st in Pro Open was Cade Clason.

Wyatt Waddell would take 5th place on Friday night in Pro Open.

Clason surveys the track layout.

Waddell would also take 9th in Pro Am Lights.

Wyatt Waddell a local favourite at these west coast arenacross events.

Young Braxton Zeitner paving the way for 50 classes.

Zeitner lights up the barn with his moto win.

Lake Country, BC rider Layne Nuyens would take 2nd in 125 All Stars and 6th in 250 Junior.

Penticton fast guy, Jacob Helfrich on the line with his wrench.

Helfrich would take 13th in 85 (7-11) and 8th in 65 (10-11).

Ivan Heppner #26 would take 9th in the 85 (7-11) class.

Jake Heppner would finish 2nd in 85 (7-11).

Hometown rider Brody Brown would take 6th in 85 (7-11).

Claiming the win in the 65 (7-9) class was Duncan, BC native #117 Jayden Debodt.

#151 Travis Gibbs leads #53 Jake Heppner and #517 Brody Brown in the 85 (7-11) class.

Travis Gibbs would go on to finish 2nd in the 85 (7-11) class.

Charles Charlton would take 4th in 85 (7-11).

#53 Jake Heppner leads #39 Ryan Kernested.

Brody Brown

Luke Heppner

Wembly, AB rider Logan Finnebraaten would take 13th in Open Beginner and 9th in Schoolboy.

Taking the win in Under 30 was Deegan Nuyens. He would also finish 5th in Open Intermediate.

Ryan Kernested would finish 5th in 85 (12-16).

#511 Parie Dagere would take 12th in 250 Junior, 8th in Open Junior and 6th in Schoolboy.

Cade Clason leads Collin Jurin.

Taking the big win for the Pro Open. Cade Calson lights up the candles at Heritage Park.

See you guys in the new year!