March 8-9, 2019

Sundown Mountain Resort

Writing and Photos by Crystal Wallem Photography

Our second-to-last stop on the Amsoil Championship Snocross tour brought us back to Dubuque, Iowa for the third season in a row. The Sundown Mountain Resort hosted the event, nestled atop the ski hill with some pretty stellar views. We had about every type of weather you could imagine over the weekend. On Friday—bright sun and blue bird skies, making sunglasses (and possibly even sunscreen) a must. On Saturday, mother nature took a swing in the opposite direction with pouring rain, thenfreezing rain/snow, 30mph+ winds, and then dense fog to top it off—less than ideal conditions for just about anything, let alone racing. Nonetheless, your FXR athletes didn’t let the weather slow them down, bringing home 33 medals for the weekend.


Owen Matthies #734started us off with a 1-5 in his heats on Saturday. Matthies went on to reel in a 3rd place podium finish.


An FXR podium sweep in the 120 Champ class—Aiden Pierson #710 took 3rd, Shane Beasley #924 in 2nd, and Brady Freeland #831 with the win.


Tanner Johnson #313 went an outstanding 2-1 in his heat races. Johnson scored a big win in his Transition 8-10 final on Saturday morning.

JR Girls 9-13

Kendall Rose #120 looked fast all morning, placing 2-3 in her heats. Rose scored 2nd in the JR Girls final. Naëli Lebel #518 had a perfect day on Saturday, going 1-1-1.

JR 10-13

After going 2-1 in his heat races, Cameron Cole #747 landed in 3rd for the final. Consistent Kellen Chapuran #254 not only won both of his heat races, but also took 1st in the final.


A nearly identical podium as the previous class, with both Cameron Cole #747 and Kellen Chapuran #254 back on the box. Cole took 3rd and Chapuran landed in 2nd.

JR 14-15

No stranger to the top of the podium, Jordan Lebel #511 went 1-1 in his heats, and took the win in the JR 14-15 final.

JR 16-17

Wyoming native, Brody Hasenack #722 made an exciting podium appearance, placing 3rd in the JR 16-17 final.

Jordan Lebel #511 went another 1-1-1 in his second class of the day.


Surprise, surprise, look who’s back on the box. Jordan Lebel #511, aboard the Jimmy John’s sled, took his third 1st place podium of the day on Friday.

Jordan Lebel #511 continued his success into Saturday’s races where he scored another 1-1-1. Lebel is leading in points in three different classes. Brayden Kernz #811 won both of his heat races on Saturday and stood atop the 2nd place spot on the box in the final.


Two familiar faces made podium appearances on Friday night for the Snowbike final—Mark Wilson #772 snagged 3rd and Jesse Kirchmeyer #42 took the win.

Back on the box for the second night, Mark Wilson #772 advanced to 2nd on Saturday night, and Jesse Kirchmeyer #42 with another win.


Kenny Mandryk #102 made his first podium of the season, placing a exciting 2nd in Friday night’s Sport final.

Taylor Cole #714 looked fast and determined on Saturday. Cole went 2-4 in his heat races and scored 2nd in his final.


Taven Woodie #873 breezed through her heats on Friday, winning them both. Woodie took 2nd place in Friday night’s Pro Am Women final.

Tausha Lange #214 makes another exciting podium for Saturday night’s final, scoring 3rd. Taven Woodie #873 is back on the box for the second night in a row, this time with the win.


Both FXR Pro Lite Friday podiumers were consistent all day. Adam Peterson #113 went 3-3 in his heat races and went on to score 3rd in the final. Max Taillefer #144 placed triple 2nd’s on Friday.

Ryley Bester #151 put on quite the show. After winning his second heat on Saturday, Bester kept the momentum going into his final where he scored the big win.


Friday night’s Pro podium couldn’t look any better, with all 3 riders sporting FXR gear.

 Kyle Pallin #324 was on a mission, taking 3rd in the final after going 2-2 in his heat races.

Aki Pihlaja #128 went 4-4 in his heats on Friday. Pihlaja rallied in the final and finished in 2nd place to wrap up the night.

Elias Ishoel #200, your current points leader, advances his points lead with a heat win on Friday and the big win in Friday night’s Pro final.

Elias Ishoel #200 does it again on Saturday. Ishoel not only went 2-1 in his heat races, but went on to take the win in the final for the second night in a row. Ishoel is now leading the points race by 43 points.

Our season comes to an end this upcoming weekend after we make our final stop in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for the Grand Finale. We’ll see you all at the Grand Geneva for three action-packed days of racing March 15th, 16th, and 17th!