Round 3 McNabb Valley MX National | Photo Report

June 18, 2019

Photos by James Lissimore

Every year it seems we have to have at least one mudder on the Canadian circuit to completely mess up the points. Its been a while since weve had a full-on mudder in Manitoba and if my memory serves me correctly we had a similar animal in Morden, MB some 10+ years ago where we saw bikes overheating and completely stuck in the mud. No rider revolt this time around unlike that sour day in Morden. Common sense prevailed and fortunately for team owners and some riders who were happy to call it a day, the powers that be chose to cancel all second motos that ended the race day earlier than usual. We had some riders cutting the track and officials were quick to note who was taking advantage of that and docked them positions. None of our guys were on that list fortunately. This week we have limited photos due to the muddy conditions and we were able to identify a few riders before they became completely covered. Heres a look at round three from the very mucky McNabb Valley MX national.

Thats FXR Moto Divs Greg Small keeping it positive here in Minnedosa.
Stylish yet functional, KT models the all new FXR poncho and headed straight for the catwalk.
Ontario mud rider Hayden Halstead was ready to take what McNabbs dished out today.
Marshal Weltin wondering what the heck hes got himself into here.
Shelby Turner would grab 2nd in the WMX here at Minnedosa.
The big winner in the FXR Pre-Mix class, Nathan Bles. | Greg Small photo
Marco Cannella and wrench Cade Foster look on to what is in store for them without a sight lap.
Luke Renzland with the hole shot and Josh Osby behind him.
Hayden Halstead edged into the top 10 early in the race.
Halstead would take 12th place.
East coast journeyman, Davey Fraser keeping it clean during qualifiers.
Fraser would finish 29th.
Marco Cannella pushing hard in the Minnedosa mud.
Cannella would go on to take 5th place for the day.
Josh Osby pushed his way up and challenged Renzland for poll position and made the pass.
A tangle with a lapper and then a rock to the eye squashed Osbys chances here in Minnedosa.
Josh Osby would finish in 17th place.
Sky Racing rider Marshal Weltin is no stranger to slugging it out in the mud.
Weltin would go on to took 4th but the review of track cutting that happened following his moto allowed him to be bumped up to finish 3rd. Weltin will don the red plate as 250 Pro points leader heading into Round 4.
An official ruling docked GDR Honda rider Dylan Wright for cutting the track so that put Luke Renzland 1st for the day.
Taking it to the top of the box in Minnedosa was Luke Renzland.
Tut, tut, looks like rain.
For the 450 moto, more hay bales were brought out to line the track where the 250s had cut the track in an attempt to keep people inside the track boundary.
Shawn Maffenbeier christening his Pirellis.
Keylan Meston feeling like this might just be a good day.
#12 Cade Clason and #3 Shawn Maffenbeier slicing and dicing.
We all remember local fast guy Josh Penner. He muscled it out and took 25th place.
Keylan Meston trying to keep his vision clear.
Cade Clason put on a solid ride in the Manitoba mud and took home 5th.
Mike Brown pulled into second place in the first lap and continued to make gains as the race went on.
What a ride Brown put on for the few diehard fans who braved the conditions to cheer him on.
Mike Brown would finish an impressive 4th place.
Phil Nicoletti had his fair share of run ins on the McNabb track that forced him to push through the pack.
Phil put his head down and picked his way back up to 6th place.
Rookie Sam Gaynor leaned on his senior OTSFF team mates for some valuable pointers at Minnedosa.
Gaynor would qualify 11th and finish 20th for the day.
Shawn Maffenbeier dug in hard here and proved hes going to be a top contender as things move east.
Holding your line wasnt as easy as it looks. There were plenty of hay bales blown to bits on Saturday.
Shawn Maffenbeier would take a solid 8th place here at Minnedosa.
Enjoy your well deserved break guys. We will catch you at Gopher Dunes in a few short weeks!